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Light Fixture Project

My first design project was motivated by my experience in the summer of 2012 at Duke. My challenge was to design a functional lamp for a dorm room, since all I saw were useless standard lamps. My first job was to define the gap in  dorm lighting. I asked myself, “In what way can a light fixture be both aesthetically pleasing, and functional?”  Of course, if I was going to design a lamp, it had to be based in sustainable design.   The LEDs used consume only 10% of the power of equivalent incandescent bulbs.

Microsoft Word - Annotated Prototype.docx

The primary concern was the construction of a ‘light bridge’ which would allow a student to have a compact direct LED lighting source. The second concern was to provide a secondary  directional light source that could be used for reading in a bed or chair next to the desk. I included a third light source that was merely aesthetic. The entirely of the fixture glows, providing ambient light for the entire dorm room.

A significant design concern was the portability and storability of the fixture.  I  designed and engineered hinged that would allow a 270 articulation of several key joints.  The result was that the fixture could be folded into a single plane only 2 inches thick.  The dimensions were specifically set to allow storage in a typical collegiate footlocker.


The design itself is inspired by the International Movement, and specifically Walter Gropius‘ work with furniture. The design is almost exclusively 90 degree angles, and height / width of the members is uniform.  3 separate switches are set into the body of the lamp, flush with the outer plane.


Primary Material: Acrylic Tube

Light Sources:  LED Strips

Total Illumination Output:

Total Power Consumption:


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