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Wallpaper Antenna

This project is intended to design and manufacture a superior wifi antenna.  The actual design of the pattern was inspired by  a challenge to design a repeating pattern for Victorian wallpaper.  OT that extent,  a replicable base pattern was designed by hand. The pattern was quadrupled within the primary field, and elements of the pattern were incorporated into white spaces. Careful placement allowed for the superimposition of the east and south borders over the north and west.

No Edge 7



This specific pattern was designed for historic renovations. There should be no reason that a more symetric or geometric pattern would be less effective.  The pattern and background would be two elements  in a thin film antenna. In this design the

A thin-film antenna comprises a plastic base film a flexible radiation conductor and a conduction member. The plastic member has an accommodation space. The flexible radiation conductor is disposed on one surface of the accommodation space. The conduction member has a contact terminal physically contacting the flexible radiation conductor. The flexible radiation conductor is embedded on one surface of the accommodation space of the plastic housing of a wireless communication device via a hot pressing process. The flexible radiation conductor can replace the conventional complicated rigid metallic radiation conductor to reduce thickness of products. The conduction member has a conductive metallic thimble for conducting electric signals, which can prevent the thin-film radiation conductor from protruding or breaking. The superior pliability and bendability of the flexible radiation conductor enables the flexible radiation conductor to integrate with an arbitrary surface, such as a complicated surface or a curved surface.


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